Why Us?

Real Estate is all about connections.

It is about having the right combination of people, process and technology to create those deep client connections that last beyond the transaction.

PropertySuite has been designed by our real estate partners. It helps us to inherently understand the challenges you face in growing your business and connecting with your clients and suppliers.

PropertySuite is continually evolving to overcome the challenges that prevent you from building deep client connections and effectively running your business. Our partnerships are what differentiates our service and solution from any other provider in the marketplace today.

Transformation is about creating
sustainable change.

To do this, there are four main stages:

Set the vision - Make it clear on where you want to take your business.

Set the strategy - Decide which people, platform and process you require.

Execute on your strategy

Routinely assess and measure your progress


CRM database tool matching buyers with vendors, 24/7 with real time data.


Listing Management

Data kept in the same location is easier to be changed, re-organised, mirrored and analysed.



From confirmation to settlement processing, PropertySuite provides the full solution.



PropertySuite can create a full website strategy from design to build and assistance with content.


Email Marketing

PropertySuite email is the reminders and correspondence toolset of the integrated solution.



Marketing enables all touchpoints to be built from one centralised portal of information.