Full Website Solutions

PropertySuite can create a full website strategy from design to build, including assistance with preparation of content. PropertySuite web also gives you the tools to customise your own website, using the built in CMS platform, you have full control over the content.

The ease of listing process enables full validation at time of listing which eliminates problems when feeding to all major portals. These are uploaded in the shortest possible time frames, ensuring a high level of vendor satisfaction.


  1. 01 Electronic web feeds to all major web portals
  2. 02 Website strategy, custom design & build within a CMS platform
  3. 03 Ease of listing, real time
  4. 04 Web statistics nightly
  5. 05 Digital media strategies
  6. 06 CRM integration
  7. 07 Cloud base hosting and storage

If you would like to enquire further about PropertySuite's custom designed CMS website solutions, click here.


CRM database tool matching buyers with vendors, 24/7 with real time data.


Listing Management

Data kept in the same location is easier to be changed, re-organised, mirrored and analysed.



From confirmation to settlement processing, PropertySuite provides the full solution.



PropertySuite can create a full website strategy from design to build and assistance with content.


Email Marketing

PropertySuite email is the reminders and correspondence toolset of the integrated solution.



Marketing enables all touchpoints to be built from one centralised portal of information.