Palace Software

Whether you manage a small portfolio of properties or thousands spread access multiple offices, we have the solution. Palace takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on more important tasks. Access the right information when you need it most.

The strength of any accounting software relies on getting the financials right. And that's where Palace excels. You can customise your own month end wizard, recall audit reports with ease, import bank statements and so much more.

Palace Software

Rest Professional by Rockend Software

Rest Professional software simplifies the management of your portfolio, sales management and trust accounting. It allows you to maintain either a single or separate trust account for both your property management and sales trust accounts.

Along with these great features, REST Professional integrates with a host of apps and websites, to make your life easier. REST Professional directly integrates with Inspection Manager, REI Forms, Direct Connect, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, SMS Messaging and Google Maps. These integrations ensure you and your business save time and maximise your potential.

Rockend Software

Seamless integration with PropertySuite

PropertySuite integrates with both Palace Rental software and Rest Professional software to populate your website, manage Vendors and Landlords via the CRM.


CRM database tool matching buyers with vendors, 24/7 with real time data.


Listing Management

Data kept in the same location is easier to be changed, re-organised, mirrored and analysed.



From confirmation to settlement processing, PropertySuite provides the full solution.



PropertySuite can create a full website strategy from design to build and assistance with content.


Email Marketing

PropertySuite email is the reminders and correspondence toolset of the integrated solution.



Marketing enables all touchpoints to be built from one centralised portal of information.